Strength and Wisdom.


How do you feel about strong women in fiction?  I like strong men and women in my stories, that I read and write.  And I don’t mean physical strength.  I also like them to know their own weaknesses though.  I hate it when a character in a book is so stubborn that they refuse help when it’s needed.

It’s something that I worked very hard to balance in Ivy.  When you have a character who isn’t military trained with bad guys after her, I’ve never understand books that have the heroine acting rashly instead of listening to the advice of the trained individuals around her.  It’s one of my pet peeves in military romances.

Ivy, in her own words, isn’t a delicate flower that is going to swoon at anyone’s feet.  She’s also not a fool.  She’s smart enough to rely on the special ops men in her life when danger comes her way.  And strong enough to keep them from trying to coddle her when it isn’t necessary.

It’s a delicate balance in writing, and in life. =)

What’s your preference when it comes to strength in book characters?