Reviews – Ivy

IvyCover600 Reviews are in for Ivy.  So far she’s gotten five star reviews almost completely across the board:

Debbie on Amazon:

“Oh my days i loved this book!! love love LOVED it!!”

“The plot is well rounded, and flows well, the characters are believable, in a werewolf way, and their interaction is beautifully explained and described.”

Angela from Angela’s Book Desserts:

“Donovan tells a wonderful story that automatically draws you in. The characters are well thought out and lovable. She brings a different twist to the alpha wolf world and it works. I loved all of the characters, and want to see more of them. Ivy isn’t a helpless woman who constantly needs rescuing. She is smart, and isn’t one to cover up when she is in danger from those who care about her. That in itself is refreshing!”

Author Sheila Kell:

“The author wrote a fascinating story with lovable characters. Ivy is a strong woman who doesn’t jump headlong into a relationship with the two men.”


“I really enjoyed how the relationship developed, It wasn’t insta love and was not over glamourised. Ivy is a good character and asks her men all the right questions before jumping in too deep. She certainly asked the ones I wanted to ask!
If your looking for a taste of British shifters, pick up this book, I really enjoyed it.”