PlotI find plausibility important to me when I’m writing.  I know there are paranormal elements to the stories I write.  But I still want my readers to feel as if the characters could be walking the streets of London right this moment.

It was one of the reasons why I edited Ivy heavily before I finally thought the book was ready to be published.  I’ve read so many books in the past few years where I constantly felt like yelling at the book ‘people don’t do that.’ or ‘people don’t behave like that.’  I wanted to write a book where if I read it, I wouldn’t be arguing with it. =)

A prime example of this is when Ivy discovers her two men are shifters.  She’d handled so many things with almost a stoic ‘fine I’ll deal with it’ attitude.  I couldn’t really believe she’d run screaming from two men turning into wolves.  So I went for subtle.  It felt right for her.

What do you find yourself yelling at books over?



One thought on “Plausibility.

  1. It happens more often than I would like. The moment I’m yelling at a book because of something that’s not believable, I’m pulled out of that world and I sometimes can’t finish it. It depends. In romance fictions, I generally find myself yelling the moment two strangers hookup and both characters change personalities right after. They become a shell of who they used to be. Then the pet names come out and it’s like an entirely different story. Okay, I’m going to go sip on coffee and end this rant before it gets too crazy. 🙂

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