The Importance of a First Draft & Beta Readers.

InspirationThe first draft of a story is incredibly important to me.  I tend to write without really outlining or plotting much.  I let words flow.  I suppose I’m a ‘pantser’ in that aspect as far as writing goes.  It means that quite often my first draft is more than a little rough.   My commas are usually all over the place, I’ve generally used ‘that’ way too much and there may be a dreaded plot hole or three.

But I have to get the story down without interrupting myself by thinking about it too much, otherwise it seems to evaporate before I can write it.

What’s more important than getting the first draft down on paper so the story is out of my head?


Every writer needs at least two or more betas to read through their first, second, third, however many drafts you need to get the story from rough draft to masterpiece.

Things I look for in a beta:

– loves reading.

– honest.

– critical thinking.

– knows how to use commas better than I do. =)

– takes payment in the form of chocolate or tea or praise in the acknowledgement section of the book.

– a sense of humor.