Deleted Scenes – Zip Me Up.


Just a tiny little scene that never made it into the book but was simply too adorable not to share:

“Do you mind?” Ivy wandered into Gareth’s office.

She was on her way to a lunch meeting with Dane and a few other people that were interested in her new exhibition idea.  She’d gotten the zipper on her dress stuck half-way up her back.  She turned around and motioned for him to help.

Gareth stepped up behind her.  She didn’t need to look at him to know that he was grinning at her as his fingers danced over her bareback down to the zipper.  He gripped it and started moving it down instead of up.


“Yes, Ivy?” He placed a kiss against the base of her neck before slowly bringing the zipper all the way up.  His finger brushing along her skin the entire journey. “There you go.”


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