Interview with the Sassy Southern Book Blog


1. What trope do you wish authors would run far, far away from?  At this time I love most book genres. I know most people think that the 50 Shades type books have been wrote to death but I love them.

2. The one book you’ll re-read over and over and over: It would have to be The Consequences Series By Aleatha Romig. I know it’s more than one book but I love this whole series.

3.  If you could rewrite one book to change one part of it, which book would you choose and what would you change?  I really can’t think of one that I have read that I would change anything about.

4. Do you have a favorite place to read? I love bundling up under my blanket in the corner of my couch to read.

5. Tell us a little bit about why you started book blogging: I started my blog because I love books. The thought of being able to help promote the books and the wonderful authors that write them seemed like something that would be a wonderful thing to do.

6. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?  My family. They support me in everything I do. When I sit in front of the computer for hours on end going through e-mails and working on my blog I know they are always around to chat with me or just hang out while I am working.

7. And finally a quick round of pick one:

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Sweet or Salty: Sweet

Chocolate or Vanilla:  Chocolate

Hot or Cold: Cold

Laptop or PC: Laptop

Paperback or Ebook: Ebook

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