Delete, Delete, Delete

Replacements1I try, as a rule, not to edit while I’m writing.  I found myself a little stuck  on the last few chapters of Natasha so I decided to do a mini-revision while I worked out the problem.  The first thing I tend to do when I’m editing a rough draft is search for my uses of the words ‘that’ and ‘just.’  Both words I often overuse while writing.  They slip in the nasty little buggers.  I found close to a hundred uses of the word ‘that.’  I managed to delete over seventy of them.

It’s the one thing I know my betas and editor will ding me for consistently.

Those are the easy deletes.

The harder ones are moments in a story you love, but find don’t fit with everything else.  It feels like you’re cutting out part of your heart.  There were several of those moments in Ivy, less in Natasha.  I was more focused when I wrote Natasha. =)

What do you find the hardest part of editing?