Review: I, Frankenstein.

i-frankenstein-poster My hubby really wanted to see this movie so we finally watched it over the weekend.  Our thoughts were mixed on how much we enjoyed it.   On the one hand, I loved the concept and the twisted on Frankenstein.  I LOVED the gargoyles.  I simply wished they’d delved deeper into the story.

It felt rushed, as if they’d tried to squash a two hour movie into an hour and a half.

The deaths of two of the characters in the story who were supposedly powerful was easy and felt cheap.  It didn’t make sense.

And they didn’t capitalize, in my opinion, on the potential in the story between the scientist and Frankenstein.

It was like looking at a picture of a beautiful piece of pie, but not having the actual pie to taste.




2 thoughts on “Review: I, Frankenstein.

  1. Having read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, I’m always afraid to watch any Frankenstein movie. This one looked promising, but now I’m not so sure. I may still watch it at some point, but it’s no longer at the top of my list.

    Thanks for the review, Dahlia!

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