Blackbird Advice: The Break-Up.

Two wolves playing near forest

Heartbreak is never easy. So how about some words of…wisdom…from our favourite pack of shifters.

How do you deal with break ups?

Natasha: You break him in return.

Josh: Am I the only one who finds her terrifying?

Natasha: I do not see this as a problem.

Josh: Abso-bloody-lutely terrifying.

Steve: Ask a different question.

Right.  Different question.

Are you usually the one being broken up with or the one breaking up?

Josh: The one breaking up.

Elaine: You have to actually have a girlfriend to break up with someone.

Josh: Says the woman who never leaves her flat.

Elaine: Tosser.

Lorcan: I’ve been on both sides and neither are fun.

Darren: It doesn’t bloody count when it’s the same person each time.

Lorcan: Is it my fault you dipped your quill in a lot of different ink pots before finding the right one?

*the unsurprising sounds of a struggle*

What’s the best way to win back the love of your life?

Josh: Not being a prat in the first place.

Gareth: Why do I feel like that’s pointed at me?

Steve: Guilty conscious maybe?

Elaine: You are all prats, and I’ve no bloody clue why anyone would sleep with any of you.

Josh: We have very large….

And that’s all the time we have for today.  Maybe next week I’ll find a better subject for them.

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