Author Interview: S.H. Pratt


Do you argue with your characters? If so, who wins most frequently?

 No, I don’t necessarily argue with my characters, I’ve become one with the notion that I’m there as a conduit for their stories and little more.  However, they characters do occasionally argue among themselves to have the fun of being the one I listen to.  It gets loud when they all want to be in the forefront.
 What makes a story interesting to you to write? How about to read?

I prefer stories both to read and to write that are psychologically based.  I love a good mind f***.

 How do you escape writer’s block?
 I distract myself with kids, movies, or quilting.  Reading more helps too.

What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever received?

Jamie McGuire told me that there was no way you could ever edit enough.  She said write your story then edit it until you can’t stand to look at it.  Send it to a trusted friend or two, have them edit it and then edit it some more.  She’s right.
What’s your writing fuel?

Life.  I’m a people watcher.  Life gives me the inspiration.  If I can do my writing late into the night after a good quad shot mocha and some dark chocolate… well then…does it get any better?

The best joke you ever heard:

 That following the rules will lead to a happy, productive and successful life.  Had I done that, I’d still be trying to figure out what degree I want, wasting thousands of dollars in college courses that I hate and trying to grow up to fit that mold.  As for the funny ha-ha type jokes… I haven’t heard one in ages… yes, I have no life.  LOL
 The Rapid Fire section:
 Ink, Typewriter, Computer:
Coffee, Tea, or Hard Liquor:
Never Tea (that stuff is nasty) and the other two… depends on my mood, sometimes both together. 
 Hot, Cold or Warm:

Cat, Dog or Bird:

 NC17, R or PG13:
 Again, depends on my mood… I like em all.
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