Midway Madness


It’s November 17th(well, 16th when I took the screen cap of my NaNo stats).

And as a NaNoWriMo participant, I’m feeling the mid-November frisson of fear.

If you’re in the US, you’ve also got Thanksgiving coming up in a week or so, which means family interruptions.

The midway point is usually where the crux of the main plot really start to amp up.  At least it is for me, I’m in the midst of trying to connect the dots on a series of little things which will hopefully culminate in an intriguing conclusions for Alicia.

Things I’m reminding myself of at the moment:

– Chocolate solves everything.

– I can always kill that annoying character off.

– Writer’s block can be turned into a plot twist.

– Don’t let NaNo become a chore.

– There is always time to do research.

– If I unravel the plot a little, I have to remember to bring it all back together before the epilogue.

What do you remind yourself of when you’re writing?