Thanksgiving: Blackbird Style


I thought we’d ask the pack what they are most thankful for at the moment.

They were their usual charming selves about it.

What are you thankful for?

Steve: Ivy being safe.

Gareth: A good laugh.

Josh: Beer.

Darren: The hundred quid I won off of Gibbsy.

Elaine: Pillock.

Darren: Don’t be a sore loser, Gibbsy.

Elaine: Shut it. I’m thankful I’m not a pillock.

Lorcan: The joy of running through heather.

Darren: He’s thankful for carrots too.

Steve: I’d be grateful if you bloody morons would stop brawling when we’re being interviewed.

Josh: Ivy kick you out of bed again?

Steve: If you want crap assignments for the next decade, keep talking.

Natasha: I am thankful I am not a man.

Darren: So am I.

Elaine: Pillocks.