Blackbird Advice: Random

Two wolves playing near forest

I’ve had a number of people send in random questions, so I figured I’d through them all at the pack.

Who is the worst dresser?

All the blokes in unison: Elaine

Elaine: Pillocks.

Darren: Are we wrong, Gibbsy?

Elaine: No, but you’re still pillocks.

Pack member most likely to get arrested?

Darren: Josh

Josh:  Me? For what?

Natasha Didn’t the rabbit get himself arrested once already?

Darren: You give an Irishman a drink…

*Sounds of scuffling.*

Lorcan: Being Irish had nothing to do with it.

Darren: So you say.

Who gets the worst jobs?

Josh: Sammie.

Darren: That’s because the little punk refuses to do anything other than shit jobs.

Favourite Movie?

Elaine:  Darren cries every time he watches the Fox and the Hound.

*Darren is dragged from the room by Steve.*

Elaine: What? He does.  Sensitive bastard.  My favourite films are the Harry Potter series.

Josh: Anything where things go boom.

Natasha: I don’t have time for movies.

Who has the worst jokes?

Josh: Gareth.

Gareth: That’s rich coming from you.

Have questions for the pack? Shoot me an email with them.