Ten Things I Hate…

…about promoting as an author who is autistic.

1 & 2 (and 3 – 10 actually) – EVERYTHING.

Maybe that’s a cop-out.

Or you might think it’s an exaggeration.

What is Autism/Asperger’s Snydrome?  There’s a great video by the National Autistic Society in the UK which explains it better than I can.

(further reading: Here)

Promoting a book requires an immense amount of social interactions which isn’t something an Aspie like myself does all that brilliantly.  Takeovers are probably the worst.  It end to suffer terrible anxiety before hand and extreme exhaustion and migraines after.

I jokingly refer to this as ‘Aspie Drain.’

Small talk and social interactions are second nature to the neurotypical for the most part.  An NT doesn’t necessarily spend time thinking about the rhythm of a conversation: how soon is too soon to reply, how much information is too much or not enough, how do I end the conversation, how do I include others.   If the average ‘normal’ person has say ten thought bubbles floating around while conversing(whether in real life or online) and Aspie likely has fourty to fifty of them.

Nothing about social interaction is instinctual for me.  I have to careful think about everything or I tend to confused.   Aspies do not improv well.   We can mimic NT behaviour, but only for so long and generally at the risk of greatly exhausting ourselves.

I’ve learned to work around this by doing a lot of prep-work.  I also try to stick with Q&A type formats because it’s a linear type of conversation.  I ask(or others ask), and they respond(or I respond).  There’s no guesswork.

All of this combines and makes things like promoting very difficult for me.

But I do it anyway. Because I don’t really have a choice. =)

That’s the thing about being autistic, I live in a world meant for other people.  It’s like being an alien .  I have to learn how to adapt, but it’s not always easy.


3 thoughts on “Ten Things I Hate…

  1. Not being as Aspie myself, I can only imagine how difficult promo is. You did a great job of giving a glimpse into what you deal with.
    If you ever want to guest post on my blog, whether it’s for introvert/Aspie stuff or just a post to promo a book (or whatever) you’re more than welcome. Just send me an email. I’d love to have you do something in the introvert and/or aspie type thing. No pressure! Just letting you know you’re welcome anytime. 🙂

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