Blackbird New Years Resolutions

Two wolves playing near forest

I decided to ask the Blackbird pack what their New Years resolutions were:

Josh: To stop drinking so bloody much.

Darren: Taking the mickey out of Josh when he fails to stop drinking within a week.

Elaine: That’s not a resolution you useless prat.

Darren: Oi.

Elaine: My resolution is to find a new job–that doesn’t require working with moronic tossers.

Steve: Same resolution as always – not to permanently silence any of my employees.

Gareth: He really needs to get out more.  I don’t believe in New Years resolutions.

Elaine: Only because you’re incapable of keeping them.

Gareth: On second thought, I suddenly understand where the old wolf is coming from.

Lorcan:  This entire interview is an exercise in futility.

Josh: Why can’t we turn him into stew?

Natasha: My resolution is to tie my fox up more.

Josh: Not sure that counts.

Darren: I’m not complaining.

Gareth: Kinky bastard.

As always, an insightful look into the Blackbird Pack. =)