Ten Things I wish…


Neurotypicals (NTs) knew about Aspergers.

1. It’s not a disease. I don’t need or desire a cure. The only thing I could use is patience and understanding.

2. I experience emotions–I just don’t always understand them.  And I have trouble with subtle emotions.

3. Eye contact is awkward, confusing and uncomfortable.  I usually have to count down seconds in my head so I don’t ‘stare’ for too long.  I’ve learned the hard way if I stare too long people think I’m creepy, but if I don’t make eye contact, people think I’m ‘lying’ or ‘shady.’

4. Sounds, smells and sensations can be so overwhelming it feels like a physical assault.

5. Meltdowns are not temper tantrums.  Most Aspies experience meltdowns when they have reached a point of sensory overload.  It feels like your body is filled with electricity and energy that has nowhere to go.  It’s normally followed by exhaustion and a migraine.

6. Don’t step into my personal space. Just. Don’t.  Don’t assume I’m comfortable with physical contact be it a handshake or a hug.  I’m not trying to be rude.

7. I take almost everything literally.  If I don’t laugh at your joke, chances are I didn’t realize it was a joke.

8.  Winding me up on purpose might be fun for you.  But I’m the one left feeling worn out.

9.  Most Aspies are experience PTSD by the time they reach their late 30s and 40s.  It speaks to the level of intensity the world around us becomes.

10. Political and Religious conversations/debates tend to get heated which makes me incredibly uncomfortable and uneasy.

10a. The difficulties many aspies face in heated discussions is that often our minds go blank.  It’s akin to losing the ability to speak.  There are no words.  It’s frustrating…very…very frustrating.