Blackbird Advice: What is sexy?

Two wolves playing near forest

The question was emailed to me to pose to the pack.  I’m hesitant to even ask, but here we go.

What is sexy?

Darren: Me.

Elaine: Prat.

Darren: What? Is it a lie? Look at me.

Elaine: I’d rather not vomit up my breakfast, thanks.

Steve: Is it possible to have one of these damn things without you lot devolving into snarling children?

Josh: No.

Steve: Why don’t we just answer the bloody question?  Sexy to me is the curve of Ivy’s neck and the way her hair curls around it. The way she smiles when she’s working on her photography.

Darren: Basically, Ivy. Honestly, why do you even bother asking him or Gareth? They answer the same damn way every time.

Elaine: Confidence is sexy, and not the over-confident wankers I work with. Over-confidence is not sexy at all.

Gareth: The way tight jeans cling to a woman’s arse is sexy.

Natasha: Submission is sexy.

Josh: Kinky fox.

Natasha: Do not knock what you haven’t had the courage to try.

Josh: Oi!

Lorcan: You’re all off your rockers.  Sexy is being all sweaty and muddy after a rugby match in tight shorts and a t-shirt.

Gareth: That’s called being in need of a bath.

Lorcan: Yeah? Have you seen the way Ivy watches footie matches? It’s not for the game itself.

Elaine: The rabbit has a point.

Lorcan: Bloody kitten.

Elaine: Kitten: Did he just call me a bloody kitten?

Steve: Oh bloody hell, change back, Elaine.  You can’t scratch up Lorcan’s pretty face.

*scuffling and a very loud snarl from a cougar.*

Steve: Interview over.

Well, that worked out well.

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