Tactile hyper-sensitivity is something a lot of people with autism have to deal with.  It is an increased sensitivity to touch which can leaned to being feeling sensory over-load and into a meltdown, which is often confused with a temper tantrum.   Meltdowns are not temper tantrums.  It’s more like, as an aspie, I suddenly have all this energy built up and it has to get out.  It can feel like I’ve got electricity running along my skin. And when it’s over, I’m so bloody exhausted and worn out.

Touch is one of the harder issues to deal with as an Aspie, at least it is for me because you can’t really get away with not touching certain things.

The worst offenders are:

– towels (and honestly, I’ve tried every towel out there, nothing makes it better.  I just have to grit my teeth and deal with it when I’m drying myself off or folding laundry.)

– velvet (I don’t even like thinking about velvet)

– rough cotton

– some kinds of parchment paper

– corduroy

Just to name a few.

My sensitivity to touch also has an impact on my husband.  I don’t crave closeness or hugs or kisses like most NTs seem to.  I have trouble with a caress which is either too soft or too hard, it’s difficult to get it right, and I feel for the level of frustration my husband often goes through in his efforts.  He’s amazingly patient, and I’m lucky to have him.

One piece of advice I can give is, don’t assume someone(particular someone who is neuroAtypical) wants to be hugged or even shake hands.  And don’t take it personally if they don’t, it’s might not actually be about you.

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