I’m pedantic about words.

I think people overuse words and they lose their meaning.  I think they use words that they don’t understand.

Martyr, for example. I saw a post the other day where someone called a person who was arrested a martyr.

No, just no.  Unless the person was killed for their religious or other deeply held beliefs, no, they were not actually a martyr.

Or hate.

Hate is a strong emotion. Nine times out of ten, you don’t really ‘hate’ what you say you do.  You dislike it.  There is a difference.  A monumental difference actually.

My husband and I often have disagreements because of this.  He can’t understand why I ‘don’t understand’ him.  My issues is usually he’s using a word in a way that differs from it’s actual definition, and it confuses me.  Words have meanings, and if you use them differently, for someone like me who is Autistic, it makes confusing social interactions even more confusing.