Blackbird Advice: Free Time

Two wolves playing near forest

Another one form the grab bag of questions from readers.

What do you do in your free time?

Josh: Wank.

Elaine: Oh. My. God. You utter prat.

Josh: did I offend your sensitive ears?

Elaine: I’ll bash you over your blasted ears.

Josh: Temper, temper.

Steve: Who says they have free time?

Darren: Tyrant.

Josh: Lorcan eats carrots in his free time.

Gareth: Yeah, Ronan’s carrot.

Lorcan: Jealous?

Natasha: Are we going to bother with answering the actual question?

Darren: No.

Gareth: Is the naughty fox going to get a spanking?

Steve: I think I need bleach for my brain to get the visual out of my head.

Natasha: Did we scare you, wolf?

Josh:  The boss doesn’t scare.

Elaine:  Nope. The only thing that scares him is Ivy in a bad mood.

Darren: He’s whipped.

Gareth: Says the fox who gets spanked frequently by his mate.

Natasha: Why do we even pretend these interviews are going to accomplish anything?

Elaine: Too much blasted beer. It’s rotted our brains.

Lorcan: You assume they have brains.

Josh: I can still turn you into stew.

Lorcan: And I can still get you between the eyes with a sniper rifle and you’ll never see me.

Steve: I think we’re done for the day.

Insightful as always.

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