Alim & Elaine Romantic Date: Part One

In celebration of reaching 2,000 likes on Facebook, I decided to have a giveaway & event on Feb 14th, as part of that, I wrote a four part romantic story for Alim & Elaine.   I hope you enjoy.  This story, while not a rough draft also wasn’t sent to my editor (who will probably yell at me).


“Oi, Gibbsy.”

Elaine ignored Darren, who tried to catch her attention while she bounded down the hall as fast as her feet would carry her. Alicia had warned her about an incoming gift from Uncle Ali for Valentine’s Day. The cougar shifter wanted to intercept the gift before the wankers she worked with caught sight of it.

The bastards would never let Elaine live it down if she went all weak over a gift. She refused to allow them to have anything else to tease her about. She grabbed the package from the messenger when he stepped into the office then dashed into the loo to hide behind the locked door.

She plucked the envelope off of the top of the small parcel and frowned at it.  She ran her finger along the side to open it, cringing at the sensation of the dry parchment along her skin. The letter held the briefest note from Alim in his elegant script—nothing at all like her barely legible chicken scratchings.

Allow me to indulge you in my world for a weekend? I’ve spent time in yours…let me show you mine.



She would never admit to having run her finger across the ‘yours’ at the end of his note. Romance never mattered before; it shouldn’t matter now. Her hand clutched the letter to her chest despite her inner grumblings.

With a quick text to Alim to answer ‘yes’ to his invite, Elaine lifted the lid on the parcel to find what could only be described as an Aspie care package.  It included ear plugs, several fidget puzzles, a soft and cuddly toy cougar, a heavy fleece blanket and— most importantly—one of the new portable gaming systems she’d been drooling over for months.

So new, it hadn’t been released for sale yet.

How the bloody hell had Alim gotten a hold of it?

The man had clearly done quite a bit of research to determine what he’d need to make her comfortable on a flight. Elaine couldn’t remember anyone in her life going so far to accommodate her needs as an autistic. Her adoptive parents were wonderful, but nothing to this level of thought and care.

A twist of the door caused her to glance up as someone picked the lock and then stepped inside. Elaine breathed a sigh of relief as Natasha snuck inside and promptly relocked the door. The fox shifter stepped over to read the note Elaine held out to her.

“He did good, yes?” Natasha raised a questioning eyebrow while glancing through the care package. “This is good?”

“It’s brilliant.” Elaine fidgeted uncomfortably while the beautiful, icy blonde ran her fingers through the soft fur of the stuffed toy. “How do I…fucking hell, I’m worthless at this.”

Natasha swatted her sharply on the arm. “You are fine. You say ‘thank you.’ If he wanted more than a thank you, he is the one who is worthless.   I like this Alim.”

“You would,” Elaine groaned, feeling slightly overwhelmed at his gesture. She set the note inside and replaced the lid on the box. “He’s so fucking out of my league. I’m hopeless.”

Natasha glanced briefly down at her perfectly trimmed nails then over at Elaine. “Fihnya.”

“It’s not bullshit.”


Elaine flicked the edge of the grey ribbon which had been wrapped around the jet black box. “I’m not equipped for this romance shit.”

Natasha tapped her finger against the edge of the package. “You can enjoy it, yes? Nothing else should be required. He enjoys the romantic ‘shit’ and you enjoy receiving it.”


“Do not mock me, cougar; I like you, but not that much.” Natasha’s harsh words were couched by the amused smirk on her face. She nudged Elaine in the arm. “We are friends, yes?”

“Da,” Elaine mimicked the Ukrainian’s earlier tone.

“Then trust me when I say, all you have to do is enjoy it, even if it feels awkward at times. Kader will not be bothered by the inelegance of your gratitude,” Natasha shrugged indifferently. She gestured toward Elaine’s flushed cheeks. “And I would wager he’ll enjoy the blushes.”


“What the bloody hell are you two doing in there for so bloody long?” Josh banged loudly on the door. “And can I get pictures?”