Author Interview: Stephanie Leigh


Do you argue with your characters? If so, who wins most frequently?  I don’t argue with my characters, so much as listen to their arguments with each other.  I do think it would be fun to talk to my characters, but in actuality I am the proverbial fly on the wall in their worlds.  So for me it really becomes an exercise in learning to hear all sides of a story.

What makes a story interesting to you to write? How about to read?

Writing an interesting story, for me, encompasses a variety of locations, new experiences, different personalities and ideas, and then finally somewhere in the final pages, solid conclusions that answer all of the readers’ questions.

A story is interesting for me to read depending on my mood.  I like many genres of books, so I try to vary my selections based on how I’m feeling at a given time.  I also really love to read stories with memorable characters, who stay with you long after the story is forgotten, because of something they said or did that just really sticks with you.

How do you escape writer’s block?  In the two years I’ve been writing, I don’t believe I have ever faced a true writer’s block.  When I have trouble figuring out where the story is heading next though, I stop writing for a few days to gain some distance and hopefully a new perspective.  Also, my husband is terrific at finding the flaws in my stories, which pushes me to reevaluate any changes I may need to make.  And finally, tasks like driving, shopping and showering have proven to be ideal quiet times when new scenarios will evolve.

What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever received?  As a new Indie author I haven’t ask for or received much advice about writing.   To be honest, I want to figure out who I am as a writer before I allow anyone else’s input into the stories I want to tell.  I was, however, given fantastic advice about how to protect my writing from pirating.  Sharing files (even MOBI files) with untrusted sources can result in utter chaos!  While it takes months and years for an author to write and publish a novel, it literally takes seconds for just one person to digitally rip control away from an author.

What’s your writing fuel?  Hopefully, a quiet household and long stretches of time (3 or more hours at a time) to completely immerse myself in the world I am creating, and most importantly good music.  For me, listening to music as I write, really gets the creative juices flowing.  Even the type of music can affect the pace and tone of the story, so I usually find a central piece of music I listen to over and over and then intersperse it with themed music for specific scenes.

The best joke you ever heard:  Sadly (or so I’ve been told), I’m not a joke person.  I hear them; I understand them, but alas my brain always proceeds to break the jokes down logically, thus ruining the humor, and me asking question after question until the teller of the jokes walks away from me, shaking their head, vowing to never tell me another joke……ever again.  Sarcasm, on the other hand, I speak fluently!

The Rapid Fire section:

Ink, Typewriter, Computer:  Computer with a side of ink…I always keep my handy dandy old fashion pen and paper with me when I leave home!

Coffee, Tea, or Hard Liquor: Tea – hot or cold with sugar or honey.

Hot, Cold or Warm:  Warm, I’m cold natured, so I don’t mind if it’s a little toasty.

Cat, Dog or Bird:  Dogs!  I’m a dog person, and always have been.

NC17, R or PG13:  I really have no preference, so long as it’s a good movie with a good plot and not a horror film.



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Here In Time Synopsis – Cassie Locke’s lifelong dream of visiting the Hotel Royal in Dover, England, has finally come true – except for her sudden arrival in the past. Her world shattered and on her own in late Victorian era England, Cassie discovers she must adjust quickly to her new life should anyone become suspicious of who she really is. Juggling the intricacies of her altered reality and the unbearable rules and edicts dictated by society, Cassie struggles to maintain an outward appearance of composure befitting a lady while dealing with the inner turmoil of losing herself in a life that was never her own. To complicate matters further her attraction for Lucas Fowler leaves her questioning whether or not she would even prefer to return to her own time. Cassie must learn to fight for what she wants while discovering what the future holds for her in the past.

I’m currently working on a second novel that will follow Here In Time and is set for release later this year!