Blackbird Advice: Saying No


Another question posed by a reader: “How do you teach yourself to say no?”

Josh: No.

Elaine: Pillock.

Josh:  No. See? It’s easy.  I’ve said it twice already.

Elaine: It’s not so bloody easy for everyone, you smug arse.  Some people make an attempt at politeness.

Darren: Says the narkiest feline in the pack.

Elaine: I said some people.

Gareth: Name one person in this pack that’s polite.

Natasha: Lorcan?

Josh: The boss?

Gareth:  Steve? Steve is polite? On what bloody planet is my mate polite?

Steve:  I’m right here.

Gareth: And you’re not bloody polite.

Steve: I’m the epitome of a gentleman.

Darren:  Can we natter about the actually bloody question before I vomit on you?

Steve: Uncouth cretin.

Lorcan:  The best way to teach yourself how to say no is to practice it.  People have a hard time saying no because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  There are times you have to put yourself first.  It doesn’t make you selfish.

Natasha:  Polite, yes?

Josh:  When can I turn him into stew?

Lorcan:  When you can out-shoot me at the range, so never.

Josh:  You….

*Sounds of chairs falling over and scuffling*
Steve: And we’re done.

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