Things I miss about living in the UK.

keep-calm-and-bugger-off-102I have a migraine, so the image Elaine made seemed appropriate.

I feel like crud so I thought I’d talk about what makes me happy.

Things I miss about living in the UK:
– Grey, rainy days.
– Good scones.
– Good tomato soup – seriously, I spend $3.00 something on Heinz’s soup once every couple of months because it’s just too expensive to have more than that.  But it’s so much better than Campbell’s. If you don’t believe me, just look at the ingredient lists.  Campbell’s uses tomato paste, water and a bunch of chemicals I can’t pronounce, Heinz’s uses tomatoes, cream, milk which is why it tastes so much creamier.

– Good chocolate – mmm Cadbury.

– The Lake District