Blackbird Advice: Tea


I thought I’d ask a very important and critical question to the pack this morning.

What’s makes the perfect cuppa tea?

Elaine: Not having the bloody wankers here make it.

Josh: Oi!  I make good tea.

Elaine: You make a bloody mess.

Josh: It’s part of the process.

Elaine: For what? A ten year old?

Josh: Can I smother her with a pillow?

Steve: No.

Josh: Poncy bastard.

Steve: What was that? Were you volunteering for the night shift for the next six months?

Lorcan: He was.

Can we get to the question? What makes a perfect cup of tea?

Elaine: Chocolate digestives.

Darren: What the bloody hell does that have to do with tea?

Elaine: Everything.

Gareth: The perfect cup of tea requires someone else making it.

Steve: Lazy wolf.

Gareth: And who made the last six cups of tea you drank?

Steve: I have better things to do than answer silly questions.

Gareth: That’s what I thought.

This still hasn’t answered my question.

Lorcan:  The perfect cup of tea requires  quality tea, water boiled in a kettle, and a decent amount of time for the tea to stew.

Darren: Ponce.

Lorcan: And how do you make your tea?

Darren: I retract my statement.

Elaine:  Idiotic wankers.

I believe that’s all we’re going to get out of them today without breaking chairs.

If you have  question for the pack, be sure to shoot me an email.