Two wolves playing near forest

Romance and suspense might be the core themes to the Blackbird series, but in all honesty, friendship is likely more at the center of the stories.

The pack itself started out with friendship and family being born out of military duty.  Josh and Darren, who feature in Alicia and Natasha respectively, grew up together in Manchester.  They had each other and not much else.  They joined the military to keep themselves out of trouble.

The two alphas of the pack were also long time friends.  Their fathers were friends.  Their grandfathers were friends.   It was almost a given the two men would become close as well.  Though I imagine had their families lived, they would’ve have anticipated how close the alphas would become.

While slightly standoffish, owing mostly to her having Asperger’s Syndrome, Elaine considers the wankers in the pack her friends.  She’s recently developed a relationship with both Natasha & Ivy.   She tends to treasure friendships more than others.  It’s something that I believe will come into play more when I get around to writing her story.

How important are the friends in your life?