Review: Alicia


Alicia is a spitfire, not one to just sit back even if she doesn’t know everything she is determined not to be left out. She won’t just roll over because someone is after her she’ll do everything she can to help figure out what is going on.

Josh is patient, like the cat stalking his prey, he waits for the perfect time to pounce and once he does it’s all over for you. He’d do anything to protect those he cares for and no one will stop him once he sets his sites on you.

More trouble and danger in this one and you see more of how the team how the team works together to keep each other safe. The mystery of who is after them sucks you in and I enjoy going along on the ride to try and figure who is behind the evil doings,while also watching Alicia and Josh steam things up on the pages.“

~ Book Junky Girls


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