For reasons which will become obvious once you’ve been able to read Alicia, Josh never gets the chance to ask his beloved kitten to dance with him at the wedding.  I always regretted that while writing so I’ve decided to include a short deleted scene of what might’ve been a first dance for them.

Hope you enjoy it:

“Fancy a spin?”

Alicia glanced away from Dane, who she’d been chatting with, to find Josh holding his hand out toward her confidently smug as always. “Can you dance?”

“No, he bloody can’t.” Darren’s teasing comment was followed by a barked order from Josh to ‘bugger off.’

“Let me show you, kitten.” Josh captured her hand to gently, but firmly guide her into a tight embrace.

She held in a gasp of surprise when he molded their bodies together.  Their closeness was practically obscene.  They fit together perfectly with his arm looped around her waist and hers draped across his broad shoulders.

“If you two get any closer, I’ll be shielding my innocent eyes.” Darren slid past them with two glasses in his hand.

“Innocent my arse.” Josh aimed a kick at his retreating best friend. “Bloody fox.”

“Focus, Joshua.” Alicia placed her hand on the side of his head to turn him away from Darren. “Swaying to the music isn’t dancing.”

Josh’s arm pressed her even more tightly to him. He bent down to capture her lips with his.  “You’ve never done it with the right person then, kitten.”

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