Review: Alicia

ALICIA-DAHLIA-DONOVAN-GOODREADS-WEBREADY-COVER“After being teased with Alicia and Josh’s story in ‘Twelve Days’, I eagerly delved into their full story and it didn’t disappoint. An action packed read as the chase takes Alicia and Josh to Morroco, Scotland and London as they face danger on all sides. It is emotionally poignant as Alicia comes to terms with her mother’s deteriorating illness and extreme change in behaviour towards her. We see Alicia feelings of shock and uncertainty from discovering Josh’s shifter secret. While Josh has never been more sure of anything in his life: Alicia is his mate.

I loved how their relationship evolved and grew despite the danger they found themselves facing. The interplay and verbal sparring between the two of them makes this a highly enjoyable read. Dahlia Donovan once again hooked with her characters, the lots of action and the hot romance.”  ~ Lisa, LBM Book Blog