Deleted Scene: Family Bonding

09645-alicia-dahlia-donovan-goodreads-webready-cover2b1There are a number of scenes between Alim Kader and his niece Alicia Lowe.  I always met to expand on a particular scene, but it didn’t work with the story, so I thought I’d share the brief conversation they had about Elaine:

“You do have a plan for your delightful shifter, Uncle, right?” Alicia lounged against the edge of the massive leather arm chair Alim was attempting to relax in with tea and a paper.  She nudged his arm with her elbow when he ignored her.  “You might have to be a tad devious.”

“I am not devious nor do I plot.”  Alim turned tired eyes toward her.  “Don’t you have a shifter of your own to harass?”

“Uncle Alim.”


Her eyes sparkled with amusement as he shoved her off the arm of his chair. “Are you going to stop being so pedantically slow and ask her out then?”

“I don’t believe my relationship or lack there of is any of your business.” Alim blinked at her when she flicked a small piece of scone at him. “You have your own flat to throw food around in, Allie.”

“Yes, but it doesn’t come equipped with a butler to clean it up.”

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