An Ode to my Journals


Dearest of My Dear Journals,

Our love is sacred, pure and timeless.  Never be jealous of the hundreds of other notebooks and journals floating around my office, even if I might have an entire shelf dedicated to the altar of lined paper.   They could never hold a candle to you.

I have held you close for over twenty years.  We’ll ignore the tragic fact that you’ve been buried at the bottom of a drawer for the past fifteen years.  It might also be wise to forget I used you to press flowers.  A little rose petal never hurt anyone, right?


And now dearest love, I shall shove you back in your drawer to forget you for another ten years.



Anyone else keep old notebooks around?  The photos here are from a journal I’ve had since I was eighteen.  I was a little melodramatic at the time.  Some of the reading is …amusingly over the top. 


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