Reviews: Alicia


Five Stars from the ladies at Sassy n Sweet Book-a-Holics:

“Exciting adventure with plenty of mystery and edge of your seat action. Murder, intrigue, hit and runs, lies and manipulations along with threats and intimidation’s. Meshed in with this drama is the story of Alicia and her strong attachment to Josh, a panther shifter. Although the beginning was a little slow, the pace soon picked up and the thriller train took off. The reader is entertained and firmly hooked to continue the series. ” ~ Dee

“It is very fast paced and you don’t even realize how far you’ve read. It was a very smooth and suspenseful read. The story of Alicia and Josh will grab you and won’t let go.” ~Amanda

“The story keeps you hook from the first page to the end. Can’t wait to see what’s with the other members of Blackbird pack.” ~ Virginia