The frustrating thing about my sensitivity to sound is that nine times out of ten, I can hear something that my neurotypical family/friends can’t hear.

It leads to the most ridiculous arguments:

Me: Can you hear that?

NT: I don’t hear anything.  It’s all in your imagination.

Me: No.  I can hear it. Can’t you hear it? It sounds like a tapping.

NT: I’m telling you, it’s all in your head.

The frustrating thing about it is that it makes me feel like I’m losing my mind.  I’ll go thirty minutes hunting around until I can find the source of the sound just to prove I’m right.

I remember once it was the middle of the night and I kept hearing this quiet tapping.  It drove me batty, I had a meltdown because of it. All the while, my hubby was convinced I was either making it up or that it was just my imagination.

I finally turned all the lights on and located the sound–the bedroom fan was causing a small picture frame to bash against the wall, making a very slight knocking sound that my hubby could only hear if he got right up close to it.

It’s beyond aggravating to know you are hearing something, and no one believes you.

The moral of the story? Sometimes when a picture frame knocks in the night, it’s actually knocking.