The Tiger by the Tail


But who is the tiger?

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind professionally and personally.  I’ve felt more like the tail than anything less.  Not in control of myself, my writing or my surroundings.  Not quite wirter’s block, yet I can’t really say the words were flowing freely.

The writing part of my problem all boiled down to one thing.


It’s important in relationships and even more so in one’s relationship with one’s muse to be honest.  I’ve found a good question to ask myself is: ‘Am I telling the right story?’  and ‘Am I telling the story from the right perspective?’  The answers after some serious thinking over Lorcan’s story has to be a definite ‘no.’

A painful realization given the amount I’d already written.  I took several weeks off from Lorcan to finish writing a short story that I submitted to Hot Tree Publishing for a holiday anthology. (wish me luck).  And now I’ve come back to the Blackbird series only to realize it needs a complete overhaul.

The outline I had was tossed in the rubbish.  I ate a fair amount of chocolate, mourned the loss of the outline and the chocolate, and now I’m back in the writing chair.  I know where I want the story and the series to go, I just have to put it on paper.

For my fellow authors, do you ever find it as painful as I do to delete words/chapters and start over?? It’s like ripping a band-aid off.