Small Victories


“Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” ~Princess Bride

I feel we can be honest with one another, right?

Life might not quite be ‘pain’ constantly, but it has a rather naughty habit of kicking you in the arse when you’re least expecting it.  How does one cope when life (or writing) knocks one to the ground?

I find celebrating the small victories, even when they require a microscope to see, is highly important.

One of my oldest,d earnest friends once gave me a great bit of advice when I was nineteen.  He said sometimes you have to create your own happiness until things get better.  Or put others wise, fake the happiness and eventually it will become real happiness.

Fifteen plus years later, I’m not completely convinced that wasn’t the numerous beers and rum & coke that he’d drunk that evening.

Either way, I sometimes find enjoying the small things in life helps it be a little less painful.  So here’s some examples of my small victories this week:

  • beans on toast.
  • the start of the new season for the British Premiere League.
  • deciding on a series title for Elaine.
  • updating my website.

So, what small victories can you celebrate?


*Film poster for The Princess Bride – Copyright 1987, 20th Century Fox