A Wealth of Updates


A few tidbits of news to update you all with.

New Books:

Stay tuned for more information on an upcoming short story that I’ve written for an anthology being published by Hot Tree Publishing.

Blackbird Series

I’ve made significant progress with Lorcan, I believe it will be released sometime in September or October. I’m going to be releasing it individually as well as part of an anthology which will compromise the entire Blackbird series.

Lorcan’s story wraps up the Blackbird series quite nicely and leads me into the two series that I plan on working on next.   The Fallen Knights will be a series featuring Elaine and a mystery that she stumbles on while the Scottish Poachers is all about Ivy’s Uncle Roger and the family of Wildcat shifters living near to his farm.

More to come on both of these in the next coming months.  The first of the Scottish Poachers series will likely be the novel I focus on for NaNoWriMo this year.




There’s still time to check out the Paranormal Romance End of Summer Event with a big giveaway.


Authors to Check Out:

A few of my fellow authors with new or upcoming books you should check out:

Sheila Kell

Kate Austin

Casey Sheridan

L. Grubb

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