Reviews: Alicia

“All the charact09645-alicia-dahlia-donovan-goodreads-webready-cover2b1ers in this series are fantastic. This book as well as the others completely drew me in and I had to keep reading. I read the whole series, 5 books in two days. I need the next one NOW!!! Shifter/paranormal books are my first genre love. To me these books have everything. I like that they aren’t all the same type of shifter and I am personally waiting for Elaine and Alim’s story. I can’t wait to read that one and see what happens since Elaine is the shifter and because of how she is and how Alim is. The books have romance, love, danger, shifters, and more. I can’t say enough about the series as a whole. Dahlia is definitely one of my favorite authors after reading this series.” Steamy Book Mama