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Take two gorgeous cops who want a very specific woman to love them both, and add one beautiful artist and co-worker who wants them back. When the three of them finally stop dreaming about being naked in bed together, and take that first big step outside their comfort zones, the passion ignites all of them.


She’d been right about their bodies. Each muscle, each line, each shadow, she’d drawn them so often that she knew them intimately. The way the muscles bunched beneath the skin as they lay down, one on each side of her. The way their arms reached across her to touch each other, to cradle her between them.



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Kate Austin writes women’s fiction, romance, magic realism, paranormal, and erotica, sometimes short fiction, sometimes poetry, and sometimes novels. She blames her mother and her two grandmothers for her reading and writing obsession. All of them were avid readers, and they passed their books and their obsession on to her.



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