Breaking The Wall

DSCF3178Maybe it’s the slow churning in your stomach when your mind goes blank.  Or perhaps the inability to cease fidgeting at your desk, or maybe you can’t avoid goofing off on Pinterest for hours at a time.  Or…do you simple stare blankly at a flickering cursor on an empty word document, typing and erasing the same words over and over?

Writer’s Block comes in a few different shapes and sizes.  Some authors never experience it others struggle with it on a daily basis to some degree or other.

So what’s the best way to deal with Writer’s Block?

I have no blood clue.

But you could try:

  • Changing POVs:  I’ve been amazed at how a difficult chapter has turned around simply by changing the perspective in it.
  • Avoid the internet:  We tend to have the attention span of a gnat most days as authors.  So try to avoid Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  You’ll thank me.
  • Remove distractions: For me? My Kindle and phone have to be FAR away from me, along with my Xbox controller or I’ll be tempted to do something other than writing.
  • Skip ahead in the story: Chapter four not working out? Write chapter five or six.
  • Drown your sorrows in chocolate…or booze.  Or both?

So, do you experience Writer’s Block? If so, how do you break through the wall?