Five Writing Things for the New Year


1. Writing is hard.

2. Writing is also easy.

3. A writer cannot live on donuts alone–tea is also required.

4. It doesn’t matter what you used to write as long as you get the words out.

5. Don’t waste your time dreaming about being the next big thing, it’s possible to dream so much about the future, you never get around to doing the work to help you achieve them.

and a bonus round.

6. Even if you are a panster, you should take the time to write down names, dates, locations and ages somewhere you can easily reference.  I speak from experience when I say it goes a long way to helping keep things on track.  And helps keep from calling the same character by five different names because you can’t remember.

Not that I know anything about that.

*shifty eyes*

*photograph used by permission from Jar o’ Marbles

6 thoughts on “Five Writing Things for the New Year

  1. This is all excellent advice. Especially the writing down names and such. I only just realized last night that one of my minor characters changed names halfway through the novel. D’oh!

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