Writing Advice.


When asked for writing advice, I usually say ‘take all writing advice with a grain of salt.’  The reason for this is that as a good friend of mine would say, ‘mileage may vary.’  As with just about everything in life, writing is not a one size fits all endeavor.  Watching the #writetip hashtag on twitter is always fascinating–insightful–humorous.  Within less than an hour, I was advised to:

  1. Write what I love.
  2. Write what I know.
  3. Write what scares me.
  4. Write what I don’t know.

Perhaps, the best advise boils down to one simple thing–just write.

Doesn’t matter how you do it (as long as you aren’t plagiarizing, because that’s bad–and also illegal), for who or why.  The words on paper (or keyboard) are what matter.  I’ve said this before I’m quite sure I have.  But it doesn’t hurt to repeat it.

If you want to be a writer…write.

Nothing more or less complicated than that to it.

There are a multitude of courses, books, retreats which will make you a better writer.  I have no doubts about it.  We can always learn something.

But it will..in the end…come back to one simple thing.

Words. On. Paper.

So…how do you become a writer?

You sit your arse in a chair and write until the story is finished.


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