Five Things about Abuse.


My hubby and I watched Mourning Son yesterday.  It was poignant, painful and dark.  It’s a documentary by Dave Navarro about his mother’s day.  I highly recommend it.  As a survivor of abuse (though not nearly as violent or fatal as the documentary), it brought back memories.   So here’s five important things to know (things I wish I’d known much earlier in my dating life):

  1. You deserve better.
  2. You can always say no and it should be respected.
  3. People want to help, and will if you ask.
  4. You cannot change anyone.  It is not your fault.
  5. It gets better.

I feel a lot of times, particularly women, get caught in this ‘but I can fix him/her.’  And the truth of the matter is, no, you can’t.  You can’t cause anyone to change.  They have to do that all on their own.  Don’t take that weight onto your soul.

A link if you need help.


2 thoughts on “Five Things about Abuse.

    1. great blog! women do typically feel that they need to change a person or as you would say fix them. a perpetrator make the victim feel useless or unwanted. making it almost impossible for the victim to come forth. we have many different way to help victims of domestic violence but i personally think that we need more.

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