Five Things about Expectations.


Donuts have nothing to do with this post.

I’ve found expectations to be rather dangerous things.  They can kill relationships of every variety, damper success, and over-exaggerate failures.

Here’s five things about expectations:

1. My expectations are my own–no one else is in my brain to see them.  How can anyone meet expectations they are unaware of?

2. As a writer, call I can do is my best.  Placing pressure on myself on serves to heighten any failures–making them harder to overcome.

3. We often confuse goals with expectations.  I prefer goals; something I have some measure of control over.

4.  Managing expectations usually keeps me from being perpetually disappointed in others.

5. It doesn’t always work.  Sometimes I still want to smack someone upside the head for saying they’ll do something and then they don’t.

Do you ever struggle with expectations?