As a general rule of thumb, I avoid political and social topics on my blog.  I don’t always avoid them in my books, but I try to avoid them here.  My heart couldn’t handle that this morning.  I had to share my thoughts–and my grief.

In my novels, I have always tried to include a diverse cast of characters and relationships.  Love is after all–all around and for all.

No one should be persecuted simply because they happen to love someone of the same gender.  It’s monstrous what happened in Orlando.  My heart and thoughts go out to them.

If you find yourself in need of help and support over the coming days, here are some places to go if you are in the US:

The Trevor Lifeline (866-488-7386) (Toll-free, suicide hotline for gay and lesbian youth (and those questioning their sexuality). Offers information and support.)

Gay and Lesbian National Hotline (888-843-4564) (Toll-free, nationwide hotline for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. Completely confidential. Offers information, referrals and peer counseling.)