Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Received.

The word inspiration written on a vintage typewriter

Ask me on any given day, and I might give you varied answers to the question of what the best advice I’ve ever received might be. I’ll also likely tell you that all advice on the subject of writing should be taking with a massive grain of salt. Some of the best general advice I’ve ever been given was to never waste time living someone else’s idea of what my life should be. Solid advice, I think. The other important note on life I was told was always drink more water than you think you need and spend less money than you think you can afford. =)

But, on the subject of being an author, the best advice I’ve ever received is rather simple and concise.

Never be afraid to start over whether it’s a sentence, paragraph, chapter, or entire story.

Why do I find it so important? Stubbornness and fear can stagnant your muse. Sometimes you have to have the courage to start from scratch, even if it’s only one chapter.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received(in writing or life)?