Guest Post: Gen Ryan

Title: Beautiful Sacrifice
Author: Gen Ryan
Series: Thin Red Lines/ Book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Thriller, Crime
Release Date: August 27, 2016
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Designer: Claire Smith

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Avery Grant has only known a life of fighting crime. Following in her father’s footsteps, she graduates top of her FBI class and plans to move quickly up the ranks. She has her entire life planned out until she meets Detective Evan Bradley.Evan is everything that Avery vowed to avoid. Married to his job, Evan fights every day to do what’s right, whatever the cost.

Faced with a satanic cult that is sacrificing the innocent, Avery and Evan must work together to apprehend the criminals before any more innocent lives are lost. As they both struggle to navigate through their pasts and growing affection, Avery and Evan fight against a ticking clock and their own feelings.

Will they be able to solve the case and avoid another beautiful sacrifice?

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Why I Don’t Write with an Outline
by Gen Ryan

It’s interesting to read and learn about how other authors plan out their books. I find a lot use outlines. Me, eh, not so much. My book ideas come at weird times like driving in the car or in the shower, and usually result in me jotting the ideas down in a notebook I keep handy beside my bed. Honestly, that’s the extent of my outline. Sometimes I’ll write general character physical traits so I don’t have inconsistencies there. I find it too constricting to write with an outline. A lot of my plot twists and turns come as I’m writing and I like to be able to go with it without feeling like I have to use the outline.

I also have been told to use outlines and have structured writing while I was in school. I even teach it. *cringes if any of my students read this* I don’t think it’s necessary. Can it make your life easier? Absolutely. But the way I write, and the craziness that is my brain, it needs to be free and not feel confined. If it becomes too structured, my mind resists and I get wicked writer’s block. Characters have their own voices and they need to be heard whenever and however they please. So no outlines, just free writing and the wonderful stories that roam around in my head!

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Beautiful Masterpiece
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You can find Genevieve curled up reading paranormal romance and romantic thrillers, or frantically typing her stories on her laptop.

Psychology is her trade by day, teaching and molding the minds of college students. Her interest in psychology can be seen in her books, each including many psychological undertones. Although she loves teaching, her passion, her true love, lays in the stories that roam around her in head. Yes, they all come from her mind-the good, the bad, and the totally insane. 

She lives in Massachusetts-no not Boston-with her husband, daughter, and American Eskimo dog. With each story she shares, she hopes her love for writing and storytelling seeps through, encompassing the reader and leaving them wanting more.