Why Elaine and Alim Belong Together.


On paper, as individuals, I suppose Elaine and Alim from my upcoming novel, The Misguided Confession, don’t have much in common. They come from completely different worlds and backgrounds. Opposites do attract, but it’s not immediately apparent when you see them on their own.

As the only living heir to a wealthy and connected Moroccan export dynasty, Alim had the best of everything growing up. He’s well-educated and well-travelled. The quintessential posh businessman who lives in Armani suits and has a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce.

Elaine, as the adopted daughter of a merchant marine and his wife, grew up a wee bit rougher. Being both autistic and a cougar shifter, she has frequently struggled in her life to find her place. Her mannerisms and speech have always been misunderstood by the neurotypicals around her.

On paper–they don’t work.  And yet, they’re brilliant for each other.  Their romance is sweet and genuine.

Given his upbringing, one might expect Alim to be a spoiled and driven by money.  He has infinite patience with his mate and approaches Elaine on her terms. Their romance moves at her pace, not his. He loves her as she is, never seeking to change her as others might’ve done.

She is autistic and has worked hard to accept herself.

Alim often struggles to understand, yet they find stumbling along together is far better than going it alone. They compromise, him more than her, admittedly. He never begrudges her need to be herself–to find her own way to deal with life in a world built for neurotypicals.

S0–why do they belong together? To be trite and cliche–love conquers all. Patience, laughter, and lust help as well.