Remembering to Breathe.


November has almost passed me by. I barely remember most of it. It’s been a bit of a blur.

Not a good one, or a bad one.

Just an exhausting, sometimes happy and often painful, blur of stress and activity.

This month rapidly became an experiment, or perhaps a lesson, in respecting my limits. I didn’t. I have paid the price for it:

Two panic attacks, an autistic meltdown, and a perpetually grumpy mood has been the results of my not finding a better balance.

Here’s the thing about being a writer. Unlike regular jobs, it doesn’t have a 9 to 5. It doesn’t go away. The work can be constant and neverending.

I write. I must write. The stories must get out of my head.

And then–there are books to promote. Fellow authors to support. A husband who needs and deserves attention. If you pull yourself in too many directions, things begin to slip through the cracks: a brilliant idea, or a promise made, or any number of countless things.

This month, I stretched myself too thinly and what paid the price was my emotional state of mind.

I forgot to breathe.

So, I’m remembering to do so now–a day late and a dollar short (to quote my grandfather.)

How do you remember to maintain balance in your life?


One thought on “Remembering to Breathe.

  1. I’ve definitely been there! When anxiety and panic hit, they hit hard. I hope you’re recovering okay and carving out some space for yourself. My therapist recommended an app to me called Stop. Breathe. Think. I set it up to remind me everyday to check in and then do a short 3 minute grounding meditation. It’s actually been helpful for me. I’ve also been doing a lot of journaling and taking walks, as these things tend to help reset my brain a bit (anything that gets me away from home and into nature helps me). At one point, I actually made myself a list of things I could do for myself: check out a different coffee shop from my usual one, write outside somewhere, go for a walk by myself, take myself to a movie. I keep it with my monthly to-dos as a reminder to regularly do something for myself even when I’m feeling well. I make weekly plans and with the help of my spouse, I plan time that I get to myself to take care of myself. At first it was difficult because who has the time? But, we forced it at first, and found that since I take that time to myself I’m more productive the rest of the time, and we’re just both happier that way, and now it’s become a new habit. I hope you are doing better and finding things that work for you. ❤

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