December 18th – Tiffany Crosby


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My favorite Christmas recipe is my Grandmother’s Christmas Sherbet Punch. I always wanted it… Not just for Christmas but all year round. This was simply the best thing about Christmas dinner and having to wait til after to open all those presents under the tree. Grandma would let one of us (out of 12 grandkids) help with the punch each year, and I was always first in line, in hopes that I would get to help so I could have the first glass of it.

It was not until I was nearly 15 that I realized there were two punch bowls and one always seemed off limits to us kids. That year, I snuck in the kitchen after everyone had gone in to open gifts and I grabbed some punch out of what I found later to be the ‘adult’ punch bowl.

Grown now, I make my own spiked punch and of course, the kids can have their own… But I do not limit it to just Christmas. Adding vodka or rum to this tasty drink will make all your holidays (and non-holidays) bright!!!



1 gallon raspberry sherbet
16 cups (1 gallon) cranberry juice, well chilled
Two 2-liter bottles ginger ale, well chilled
Make sure all the ingredients are very cold. Scoop the sherbet into a large punch bowl, then pour in the cranberry juice and ginger ale and stir gently.

For an added delight, wet the rim of the glass and dip it into green sugar.

Who is this Tiffany Flowers Author person? Well, I am a stay at home mom of three littles. I live in Southern Alabama a town over from where I was born. Oh, I also have a husband and a dog.  I am just a down to earth woman that decided, one day, to jot down a dream I was having. That one scene in Missing Pieces had me hooked until I couldn’t keep from writing. I needed to know how it was going to end. That one book has turned into four complete books, so far. I am the crazy lady that hears voices; you know, the one your mom warned you about.  I love zero bars and fruit punch from Simply. They are my go-to snacks for writing.

If you ever met me, you would think I was the most outgoing person ever. But I suffer from Depression and Anxiety, all the while, smiling and talking about my books. I am also worried that you won’t like me or that I will say the wrong thing. I do my best not to let them control my life and most of the time, I do a good job. My writing has helped me a lot with my depression. When I feel sad, I pull out my laptop and write, getting out of my head and into my stories. So, as you read one of my stories, know that what you hold in your hand isn’t just words. It’s a part of my soul.

Okay, now that we got all the “hard stuff” out of the way…. More little things about me. I say y’all more than I should. Any time I ever have to use an automated phone service, they can’t understand my southern slang. I love mixing mayo and ketchup together for dipping fries and meats in. I am one of those weird people who will dip their fries in their milkshake (Chocolate…the only flavor there should be). I listen to rock while writing… (Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown, Dorothy, Thousand foot Krutch…Just to name a few). I am not sure how many more things I need to tell you so that you know just how weird and quirky I am while also trying to show how cool I am. Is it working? No, you need more? The only thing I can tell you to do is meet me at a signing and see for yourself. I promise to squeeze you tight.




Twitter @authortflowers

Blood Bond is a Paranormal Romance with Vampires and tattoos, written by Tiffany Flowers

*Due to some sexual content and violence, Blood Bond is for mature audiences 18 years and older.

Kaylee, recently divorced and finally having freedom and control back, decides to get a tattoo to commemorate this new chapter in her life. She is instantly drawn to her incredibly sexy and mysterious tattoo artist, Eric. Unfortunately, it’s an attraction that will cost her more than she could ever have imagined.

Life as a tattoo artist isn’t dangerous, at least that’s what Eric told himself when he chose it as his profession. And, for a time, it was true…until a stunning brunette comes into his shop and he accidentally lets the monster inside him escape. Now he has to do the only thing he knows how to save her life…

Enact the Blond Bond






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