Losing Tastes Like Taco Bell.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll likely have noticed one of my new obsessions is a show on CBS called Hunted. It’s basically hide & seek for adults with a massive prize if you don’t get found. The fugitives are regular people and the hunters are a mixture of mostly law enforcement and military experts.  As the finale is on Wednesday, today seemed a good day to blog about ten random things I’ve seen or learned from the show.

In no particular order:

– Always be wary of Black SUVs with tinted windows. Sneaky people use them to spy on you.

– The internet never forgets anything ever. Deleting your history doesn’t mean it’s actually erased.

– Taco Bell nachos taste like money floating away on the wind.


– People frequently miss what’s right in front of their noses–like 6-foot tall men hiding in their back yards.

– If you’re ever one the run, leave all your mobile devices behind. Also, never drive a new vehicle. Telematics. Google it.

– Butt dials can be either dangerous mistakes or subversive mind games.


– When ‘cute boys’ ask to sleep on your porch, the correct answer is NO. #strangerdanger

– Rises in blood pressure can lead to being punked.

– Lying can be good or bad–depending on which side of the fugitive/hunter fence you’re on. Also, if you’re going to lie about your name, practice saying the name a few times. #robles

If you’re not watching the show, you should definitely check it out for sheer entertainment value–and also because you learn a hell of a lot about how easy it can be to track someone in the digital age.

Also, you’ll find the entire cast is incredibly active (and hilarious) on twitter.

What are the shows you obsess over? Have you learned anything from watching them?